WE design line phones

Ma Bells attempt to avoid the break up by offering decorator phones.The customer bought the phone but in reality only owned the case parts ,Ma Bell retained ownership of the electronics.

"Roll Top" desk phone, like a small desk on your desk

The "stowaway"

The "Stowaway Regal"

WE trimline phone in wood box,only built for a year or so. Hard to find


The "Chest phone" available in many box types

The "Commemorative" Produced for the 1976 Bicentenial.

I have no idea

unknown green phone

Wicker basket phone


The "sculptura" mod cool phone ,came in brown,white and yellow.

The "TELSTAR" Lucite phone with retractable cord

The "Big Button" phone by WE

"Butcher Block" phone

The "country junction" A rare touch tone version

An "Americana" phone by WE , not many of these made. Note this is the vary rare TouchTone version.


Exiter in some of its variations


Rare Touch Tone versions of the "Celebrity"

This is a WE desk "Country Squire".

A snoopy phone built by Deco-Tel for WE

Mickey Mouse phone also by Deco-Tel for WE

KermitTheFrog phone (hard to find)

1984 commemoritive phone

1980 Olympic

Not a WE phone but a neet TT Ericofon, few of these made.