Touch Tone Pads

The defacto standard 35 series 12 button pad, the one produced in the largest numbers.

An early military pad, I do not know what the red letters are for on this one.

A round pad used in a few of the replica phones and the butcher block wall phone. The numbers are on escusions

and these had one big flaw, when used heavily the clear plastic over the dots wore out.

A twelve button trimline pad.


A 16 button type 66 Autovon pad ,

these were also made in translucent keys so they could be lit like princes phone pads.


A chrome plated steel pay phone pad, these have a special set of metal keys over a rubber membrane that hides a standard pad under all the armor and weather protection.

A standard translucent princess pad, the first to be lit.

A white pad used in th disign line sets.

The last of the WE pads gave up the cross bar switches for single contact push buttons, these suck and fail as well as not have the feel of the original pads.